“ B E A C H Y + G L A M O R O U S “

S H O W   B E A U T Y   P R E M I E R E   W O R K I N G   T E X T U R E   S P R A Y   -   E N G L A N D

R E N   F L A S H   R I N S E   1   M I N U T E   F A C I A L   -   E N G L A N D

C A U D A L I E   D I V I N E   O I L   -   F R A N C E

These key products will give you the tousled beach waves and radiant skin that suggest the effects of days spent lounging in the sun and surf.  SHOW Beauty’s Working Texture Spray employs patented polymers and a unique combination of natural volcanic ash and wheat amino acids to adhere to each and every strand, creating texture and hold that lasts without drying out the hair, while Kerazyme protects the hair from thermal tools.  REN’s Flash Rinse makes a difference in your skin’s appearance in just 1 minute with its hydrating gel formula that is rich in potent anhydrous vitamin C.  When mixed with water on your skin, the vitamin C is activated and floods your skin with a skin-tone-brightening cocktail that includes magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a supercharged form of vitamin C that absorbs deeply into the skin’s layers and into individual skin cells, and stays active in the skin for up to 48 hours.  The immediate effect is a luminous complexion that is dramatically refreshed.  Caudalie’s Divine Oil has a warm summer-perfect scent, and its carefully concocted mix of grape, sesame, hibiscus, and argan oils gives instantly glossy limbs.  It can be misted onto skin, cuticles, and even hair, for instantly nourishing moisture.

SHOW Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray

Caudalie Divine Oil