East Hampton

“ S O O T H E D + P R O T E C T E D “

S O L E I L   T O U J O U R S  1 0 0 %   M I N E R A L   S P F 4 5   F O R   F A C E   -   U S A

S O L E I L   T O U J O U R S  1 0 0 %   M I N E R A L   S P F 4 5   C O N T I N U O U S   M I S T   -   U S A

This mineral sunscreen duo is works on even the most sensitive skin types and even in the harshest sun.  These products are totally free from chemical sunscreens but manage to have lightweight formulations and are enriched with anti-inflammatory antioxidants as a second line of defense against sun damage.  This is the perfect pair if you have sensitivity to chemical suns filters, are pregnant or breastfeeding, want to share your sunscreens with small children, or want to avoid wearing chemical sunscreen ingredients on beaches that have coral reefs which can be damaged by them. Fortified with antioxidants, this is the newest generation of natural sun protection.  Drs. Sherber and Rad cited the SPF45 For Face as a favorite in Vogue magazine because it combines natural mineral broad spectrum sun protection in a beautifully moisturizing formulation, and has the added benefits of the exclusive EcoSun Complex of antioxidants, pentapeptide-11 for collagen stimulation, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and green tea leaf extract for DNA defense from UV damage.

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