“ R E L A X E D + R E F R E S H E D “

N A T U R A   B I S S E   C + C   D R Y   O I L   A N T I O X I D A N T   S U N   P R O T E C T I O N   S P F 3 0   -   S P A I N

N A T U R A   B I S S E   O X Y G E N   P E R F E C T I N G   O I L   -   S P A I N

 Whether you're packing a bag for a day at the pool or a beach vacation, these two new launches are ideal companions.  The subtle sheen of each of these dry oil formulations enhances the contours of skin for a sculpted look that suits swimwear or evening wear.  The sheer dry oil sunscreen spray is enriched with both vitamin C and vitamin D, and is designed to give broad spectrum UV protection and fast-absorbing moisture to face, body, and hair.  A hair sunscreen is a must to defend against sun damage and color fade, and the moisture in this mist will keep hair from becoming brittle.  The dual-phase body treatment is packed with nourishing vegetable oils of quinoa and spirulina algae, and combats breakouts and skin irritations that can occur from time outside in the summer. The spa-fresh scent is relaxing and perfect after a day at the beach or when you want to feel as though you’ve had one.

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