South Beach

“ H Y D R A T E D + B R O N Z E D “

E V E   L O M   I N T E N S E   H Y D R A T I O N   S E R U M   -   E N G L A N D

N A T U R A   B I S S E   T H E   C U R E   O I L - F R E E   F L U I D   -   S P A I N   

 Harness summer humidity to hydrate your skin with Eve Lom's pure and powerful Intense Hydration Serum.  It binds water to the skin with the highest quality hyaluronic acid to give a plump and dewy look without adding oil or excess shine.  There are many hydrating serums on the market, but this one stands out for its pure simplicity and top quality formulation.  This absorbs immediately, and clinical studies demonstrated an increase in skin hydration of 20% in 2 hours after application.  Natura Bisse's golden-tinted oil-free sunscreen gives a sheer layer of powerful mineral and chemical sunscreens paired with anti-aging ingredients that leaves your skin perfected and protected.  Broad spectrum sun protection, antioxidants to defend against environmental damage, oil-free hydrators that leave skin at once dewy and matte, and a soft warm tint to leave skin perfected: this lightweight fluid is an ideal daytime skin treatment.  This layers beautifully over serums and under makeup, and has become an instant hit with women and men who want the look of golden and perfected skin now with the long term benefits of skin that is nourished and protected.

Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum