Professional Makeup Artistry

   "At its core, true beauty is self confidence."

I have always been a "creative," and I discovered my love of makeup artistry while studying graphic design in my early twenties. I quickly realized that I preferred the human face as my artistic canvas. Makeup is a powerful tool: it should be used to amplify a woman's natural beauty. When done skillfully, it also can amplify her confidence.  After all, at its core, true beauty is self confidence.  

Our clients seek glamour that is both modern and highly customized to fit unique lifestyles and public appearances. Drawing from over 12 years of experience with the beauty industry's top brands including Tom Ford, I embrace our clients' individuality as their beauty tastes can range from bold color with striking contrasts, to a palette of soft neutrals applied in an alluring, yet nuanced, manner. I encourage you to explore our Beauty LookBook, a collection of original makeup looks inspired by real women and their modern lifestyles.  As your makeup artist, I am available for private makeup applications at the boutique or on location as well as special events.  Feel free to pop in on a whim and I'll be pleased to refresh your complexion or show you our latest offerings. 

In the heart of DC, SHERBER+RAD is the exclusive retailer of TOM FORD BEAUTY, the world's most exquisite luxury cosmetics and fragrance brand. Edited with our DC clientele in mind, our collections feature Mr. Ford's latest in color cosmetics and private blend fragrances.  

Washington is ready to embrace a modern interpretation of beauty.  At SHERBER+RAD, we are making this woman at a time.

- Enrique Valentino
Makeup Artist in Residence

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