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Cleansing the skin may seem like a quick prep step, but it is foundational to your skin achieving balance and to maximizing the results from the rest of your regimen. There are countless cleansers on the market, and this edit represents the best of each type. Each of these cleanser has different properties which are pertinent to different skin types. A balm cleanser is an ideal choice for mature skin, sensitive skin, skin prone to stress-related breakouts, and for those who wear makeup. Oil dissolves better in oil than in water (think of salad dressing, as an example, where you can see oil and water separating), and so oil-based cleansers will decongest pores and remove every trace of makeup and sunscreen without stripping the skin of moisture. If you prefer the feel of a foaming cleanser, the key is to use a formula that has hydrating ingredients to balance out the cleansing ingredients so that skin stays in balance and doesn't become dehydrated (which can lead to irritation or increased oil production).