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Serums supercharge your skincare regimen by flooding skin with active ingredients in formulations that are optimized for absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. Because they aren't intended to moisturize the skin, they can be packed with actives to a greater extent than a typical moisturizer. Antioxidant serums, in particular, are a wonderful addition to your daytime regimen because they provide a second line of defense against free radicals (which contribute to skin cancer and skin aging by damaging DNA and collagen, respectively) when layered under sunscreen. We choose products with lipid-soluble antioxidants rather than water-soluble antioxidants because these absorb more deeply into the skin and don't rely on alcohol in the formulation for stability. Our edit also features serums that focus on hydration, while others are designed to brighten the complexion and fade unwanted pigmentation, and still others enhance the skin's reparative processes. Each is targeted and effective.