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Tim Quinn, a world-renowned makeup artist and former Vice President of Armani for 20 years, has dedicated his illustrious career to making people feel beautiful and confident. His passion for beauty knows no bounds, even during a challenging year-long cancer treatment, where he found solace in uplifting the spirits of nurses and patients with makeup and skincare advice. Tim's true gift of radiating love and joy has touched countless lives, driving him to create positive transformations.

Amidst the pandemic, Tim sought personal growth and transformation, leading him to connect with the inspiring wellness coach, Mark Turnipseed. Mark's expertise as a number 1 best-selling author and former mental health counselor brought a deep understanding of human reinvention. Together, they realized the potential of their unique gifts in empowering others and decided to collaborate.

Thus, the dynamic duo founded Halo42, an exceptional skincare line that goes beyond beauty to celebrate inner radiance. Drawing from Tim's extensive experience and Mark's holistic approach to well-being, Halo42 was born. Their shared vision is to inspire people to embrace their authenticity, find balance, and make the world a better and more beautiful place.