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“ G O L D E N + G L O W I N G “

J A M E S   R E A D   S L E E P   M A S K   T A N   F O R   F A C E   -   E N G L A N D

J A M E S   R E A D   S L E E P   M A S K   T A N   F O R   B O D Y   -   E N G L A N D

J A M E S   R E A D   T A N N I N G   M I T T   -   E N G L A N D 

James Read's Sleep Mask Tan is a British import that has sold out multiple times worldwide since its recent launch because its innovative formula combines the beautifying effects of a hydrating facial and body treatment with a hint of self-tan.  This lightweight gel is blended with extracts of cucumber and aloe vera that soothe, moisturize, and create a golden glow overnight.  It absorbs quickly with no telltale self tan scent, and truly does not stain sheets or clothing, and does not give skin an orange hue.  It can also be applied in the morning to develop a subtle sun-kissed complexion throughout the day, or as a 2 hour treatment to give a soft golden tint to the skin.  London's premier celebrity tanner, James Read, designed his innovate tanning mitt to enable you to achieve a flawless and professional finish at home.  A revolutionary protective membrane inside the soft the mitt leaves hands completely unstained, and the specially constructed surface ensures that the tanning formula can be applied without streaking to deliver smooth, even results. 

Sun Set: Sleeping Beauty