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Wheels up for an adventure is a great feeling, but may not leave your skin feeling so great. The dry airplane air decimates hydration in skin and hair, but travel restrictions can make it difficult to bring an arsenal of products on-board. 3Lab's M Cream has an innovative gel-cream formula that allows it to be applied on clean skin or patted on over makeup to refresh the complexion. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir features a mix of essential oils to ensure that it adds hydration and moisture to the skin instead of dehydrating it as plain-water mists will do in flight. As the finishing touches before deplaning, TOM FORD's Illuminating Highlight Pen is the best on-the-go skin perfector to brighten any shadows or discoloration so that you arrive looking fresh and without a sign of jet lag, and the luxe balm texture of Lip Color Shine gives an instant pop of polish. Once you land, nothing rivals the re-hydrating powers of the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask - tip: refrigerate before applying to reduce puffiness from cabin pressure changes.

The Sky Set