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5 Favorites: Heat Wave

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5 Favorites: Heat Wave

Warm weather skin is improved by a carefree “less is more” approach, but with high temperatures and humidity it’s easy for your sought-after glow to become an “oh no.” This collection of products, and skincare tips from board-certified dermatologist Noëlle Sherber, M.D., F.A.A.D. is designed to leave you calm, cool, and complexion-perfected when life heats up, whether you’re in the boardroom or at the beach.

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Eve Lom Cleanser

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“This oil-based cleanser from the U.K. removes even the most tenacious sunscreen. I recommend taking a dime-sized amount of the balm, warming it between your fingertips since the natural formula can solidify, then massaging into dry skin focusing on areas prone to clogged pores; this will dissolve oils in your pores since oil dissolves readily in oil. Then, dampen the accompanying muslin cloth in warm water and hold it over your face, repeating the cycle three times to turn the balm into a milk; then gently buff to remove.”

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La Mer The Cleansing Gel

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“In high humidity I recommend a double cleansing: this means using an oil-based balm followed by an oil-free gel. Whereas some foaming formulations can be drying, this oil-free gel from La Mer is gentle on the skin since it is rich in nourishing seawater minerals. After the Eve Lom Cleanser, follow with this luxuriously lathering gel for an at-home facial experience and completely thorough cleansing. I also love this gel for a one-and-done after warm weather morning workouts because it’s instantly refreshing and leaves the complexion in balance.”

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Caudalie Beauty Elixir

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“D.C.’s heat is intense (Washington was formally considered a tropical hardship post for foreign diplomats until air conditioning arrived in the 1940s!), and facial mists are ideal companions in the heat because they employ the principle of evaporative cooling; as they dry on the skin they lower its temperature. This spritz from Caudalie boasts of a purposeful set of ingredients to keep skin hydrated and moisturized: grape, orange blossom, rosemary, and balm mint for an extra cooling burst on contact. Mist on top of makeup to refresh the skin on a hot day or night.”

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La Mer The Broad Spectrum SPF50 UV Protecting Fluid

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“Fluid texture is a meaningful innovation in sunscreen technology since SPF rating is performed with 1 tsp for face and neck. It can be challenging to apply this amount with a thick formulation and applying ½ tsp lowers the effective SPF dramatically! This formulation from La Mer is so incredibly lightweight that it makes it easy to wear the correct amount to keep skin protected, and it’s enriched with nourishing hydration and powerful antioxidants. I find that both men and women love this sunscreen and stock up once they try it.”

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3Lab M Cream

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“It’s key to differentiate between moisture (oil) and hydration (water) in skincare. In hot humid summer weather skin generally needs less moisture and more hydration, making a water-rich gel like 3Lab M Cream a fantastic fit. This can be applied more generously overnight to plump up the skin like the “sleep masks” now popular in Asia, or applied more sheerly during the day under sunscreen since it contains potent antioxidants forming a second line of defense against DNA and collagen damage from UV exposure.”

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