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How did your diagnosis of breast cancer inspire you to found Odacité?

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that my chances of survival at 5 years were very low. Once I passed the panic, I realized that cancer was an opportunity for me to change everything, to dare like I never did before. I quit my job in the film business, went back to school to become a health and wellness coach, adopted a raw vegan diet, started yoga and mediation daily and became passionate about removing toxins from my life. The good news is, against all the odds, I’m still here 10 year later and cancer-free. It is through this healing journey that I realized the potential toxicity of personal care products. Finding natural skincare was super difficult for me. We French take skincare very seriously; it is all about research, luxury, perfect penetration and results. I wanted my French skincare without an ounce of toxins; not finding it, I decided to create it.

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What were the challenges you faced in creating the preservative-free Fresh Collection products?

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"When you create formulas that are truly free of preservative, the efficacy is all about the freshness of the formulation."

- Valerie Grandury [section share_]

When you create formulas that are truly free of preservative, the efficacy is all about the freshness of the formulation. So, our products are made fresh for SHERBER+RAD. We start with a base of fresh organic aloe vera juice, with more than 200 biologically active agents. Aloe vera is one of the most sought after ingredients if you are serious about optimum skin health. Aloe vera is used in hospitals to heal burned skin and backed by a vast amount of pharmacological studies. Aloe vera has been proven to support the health, texture, and integrity of the skin. To the aloe vera we add freshly harvested plant oils, potent cosmeceuticals, and botanical extracts to create fresh formulations that will instantly improve the way you skin feels and looks.

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Your products are popular during and after cancer treatment - did you develop any specifically out of your experience as a patient?

Because of the aloe vera base, all the creams are super healing to the skin and the products work wonders on skin that has been affected by either chemo or radiation. My personal experience was realizing how the toxins in personal care products can affect our health and making sure I offer products that will deliver results without an ounce of toxins.

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[section caption=The Deep Hydration Masque is an aromatic blend of organic calendula, jojoba, and olive oils which moisturizes deeply, while hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps up the skin, and a blend of organic tea and lavender soothes the skin.]
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How do you layer your Fresh Collection skincare differently when in L.A. versus in Paris?

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[section caption=The Ultra Effective Eye Cream contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin, and a blend of olive, jojoba, and evening primrose oil which add effective moisturization. Antioxidants from algae and and pomegranate defend skin from free radicals, and, inspired by the effectiveness of chilled tea bags on the eyes to de-puff, rooibos tea adds both contour-smoothing caffeine and an extra dose of antioxidants.]

In L.A. we are blessed with eternal sunshine and temperature that rarely drop below 59. In Paris you need a lot more hydration. My go-to products in both cities are The Deep Hydration Masque and the Ultra Effective Eye Cream, I just use them differently. My L.A. regimen is daily use of the Deep Hydration Masque every morning while I hike with my dogs (I'm a big fan of multi-tasking). This infuses my skin with the hydration I need for the day, and then I rinse off after the hike. I also apply a rice-size amount of Ultra Effective Eye Cream morning and night. My Paris regimen is to boost my night cream with a pea-sized amount of the Deep Hydration Masque to infuse the skin overnight with the benefits of the hyaluronic acid. I then layer a pea-sized amount of the Ultra Effective Eye Cream on eye and lip area for added hyaluronic acid and a good dose of blue green algae to stimulate cell vitality, renewal, and firming of tissues.

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What most inspires you?

Nature and art inspire me. I'm lucky to live in the most beautiful canyon between L.A. and Malibu. When I'm not traveling, I start my day with a morning hike with my dogs to watch the sunrise. There is something absolutely magical about the feeling of a fresh new day and all its possibilities. When I travel, I try to take even one hour to visit a museum or tour art galleries.

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